Long Island – NY – Amityville – Art – Wooden


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Introducing the mesmerizing masterpiece that will make your heart skip a beat – A 3-layer laser cut artwork of Long Island with Amityville perfectly etched in its center! This exquisite creation is more than just a mere decoration; it is an ode to the captivating charm and rich history of Long Island. Crafted with utmost precision, with each layer making the art piece pop more. Hang this remarkable piece on your wall and prepare to be transported into a world where art meets nostalgia.

With three layers expertly cut by lasers, it’s as if time itself has been captured in a single frame. The depth created by these layers adds an element of enchantment, making each glance feel like stepping into another dimension altogether. Whether you’re a proud resident or simply hold Long Island close to your heart, this Artwork flawlessly commemorates everything you adore about this incredible place.

Not only does our laser cut masterpiece evoke awe-inspiring emotions every time it catches your eye, but it also effortlessly complements any space with its sleek design.

This piece is approx 11 inches in length, 3 inches in height, 1/2 inch in thickness.


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